Matthew Aiello-Lammens Ecologist at Work



Hi, I’m Matt Aiello-Lammens

I’m an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Studies and Science Department at Pace University. From 2007 to 2015 I trained as ecologist as a postdoc in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut with John Silander (and many others) and as Ph.D. student with H. Resit Akcakaya in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University. My research spans several sub-disciplines of ecology, including population biology, community ecology, and quantitative ecology, and also spans taxa. I’ve published on birds, herps, inverts, and coming soon, plants. But it’s plants I’m most interested in, particularly the plants in the forests of northeastern North America. The common thread in my research pursuits is the application of new quantitative methods to address questions in both basic and applied ecology.

I’m also dedicated to teaching ecology and quantitative methods to learners at all levels. As a new professor, I’m experiencing for the first time what it’s like to carry multiple courses at the same time, but I learned and developed the teaching methods I employ by working along side instructors with more experience as a grad student, and volunteering my time teaching with the Software Carpentry Foundation. I’m constantly on the look out for ways to improve my teaching, with the goal of helping everyone understand the important topics of ecology and environmental science.

When not teaching or doing research, I like to spend time outside hiking, climbing, biking, etc., preferably with my wife and daughter.

This website is constantly changing and evolving. Currently it is built with Jekyll and uses the Lanyon theme.